Muserk is a rights management company composed of passionate musicians and music lovers equipped with the technologies and skills required for comprehensive royalty collection.

We understand the impact that COVID-19 has had on the lives of songwriters.

In response to this, we are looking to offer our collection services free of charge from July 1st 2020 to December 31st 2020 to a limited number of independent artists who have been affected by the pandemic.

Please click the button below and tell us about yourself. We will review the submissions to ensure that you are eligible for the program and notify you with our response by June 15th


Q: Why is this program only being offered to a limited number of indie artists?

A: Like all companies, Muserk has a finite amount of resources. Ideally we would accept all applicants, however we want to ensure that our efforts are dedicated to those who would receive meaningful benefits from this service.

Q: What is the difference between the different types of YouTube collection services I can opt into?

A: Publishing: If you wrote a song, you are entitled to the royalties generated from the underlying composition. This means that even when someone else uploads their own recording of your music, a percentage of the revenue generated is allocated to you, as the songwriter.

Sound Recording: This is the royalty that you receive when someone streams the specific sound recording that you created. If you currently distribute music to YouTube using another service, you should check to see that they are not already performing this service for you.

Entertainment: This is for non-music content that you own- the most common forms of media are a web series, TV show, comedy special, or movie.

Q: What will I receive by opting into Muserk’s Indie Relief program?

A: Two quarterly royalty distributions, along with usage reports and access to the Muserk Publishing Dashboard (if you opt into the publishing collection service).

Q: Why do you need to know my society affiliation status?

A: We collect on behalf of many collection societies around the world. Knowing this helps us determine whether or not your publishing royalties are already being accounted for by us on YouTube in the United States.

Q: Does this lock me into some sort of contract?

A: Absolutely not. We are simply utilizing the technology we've built to offer those affected bythe restrictions due to COVID-19 the chance to recoup some funds in the digital space in the form of royalties. Our services are normally limited to large publishers, labels, and rights societies, but we feel this is an important time to extend our rights management service to the backbone of the industry that is being damaged so heavily by the restrictions caused by COVID-19. The service will be provided free of charge and last until the end of 2020.

Q: I'm interested! What are the next steps?

A: If you feel you fit into the category we are offering this service to, click the button below to apply. Be sure to read carefully all questions and give helpful answers. These questions help us determine if you are eligible for the service - that is if the service will be of use to you.