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BLUE MATTER™ is the most modern technology driven rights management & monetization platform entrusted by artists, rights holders, and content creators across the globe. Driven by our proprietary machine learning software, M-Match®, BLUE MATTER finds more usage, faster. Our distributed computing system can manage catalogs of any size, and process and discover matches on tens of millions of rows of data in hours. By leveraging A.I. and cloud based solutions Muserk generates more revenue per copyright. Rights holders also access their earnings faster through our modern, fin-tech solutions.

Publishing Administration

Muserk offers end-to-end global publishing administration services to allow rights holders to focus on building catalog, creating works, and growing their business. Our scaled solutions ensure every work is managed and every royalty is collected, worldwide.

CMO Services

Muserk manages more than 5 million works on behalf of rights societies. With MMatch®, we continually match catalogs of any size against all DSP usage data ensuring every work is claimed, from the high earning repertoire through the longtail.

Label Services

Muserk provides distribution, rights management, catalog management, and royalty collection services for labels across all YouTube and YouTube Music. We provide labels and rights holders everything they need to release their music with ease, while providing global coverage of rights and royalty collection.

Film, Television, and Video

Muserk offers end-to-end rights management and monetization services for audiovisual rights holders. Our scaled solutions can manage media catalogs of any size to ensure content is protected across the internet, and earning revenue wherever possible. We offer copyright enforcement globally, and monetization across 98 countries.


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