Technology Driven Rights Management for all Media

Blue Matter™ Technology

Muserk is a global leader in digital rights management for music and video, driven by cutting- edge distributed computing and machine learning technologies that protect, match and monetize content for all rights holders around the world, across all media formats, representing over 5 million copyrights from more than 50 countries in 98 territories with a concentration on the underserved markets.

About Muserk

At the intersection of music and technology Muserk launched in 2017, building a modern service that solves one of the most complicated and outdated systems in the music industry, copyrights and rights management. At its core, Muserk is a sophisticated scalable rights management and monetization solution that identifies and claims ownership of digital content securely with speed and accuracy, collecting fees from users to ensure proper and timely payments for rights owners.

Blue Matter™ & A.I. Solutions

Muserk’s proprietary platform, Blue Matter™, was built exclusively to simplify the complicated process of royalty collection using distributive computing and AI. Blue Matter™ manages over 50 cloud-based computation nodes in parallel, creating a massive amount of productivity ensuring that royalty data never sits idle.

This technology handles the ever-changing workflow of rights management in the global digital arena and allows for continued automation throughout the digital supply and royalty chains from delivery of works, ingestion, discovery and matching, report generation, and payment while effectively replacing the need for large teams that most global rights companies engage. Blue Matter™’s “human-in-the-loop” AI solution, M Match®, conquers the insurmountable amount of transactional data characteristic of the copyright industry rapidly and efficiently.

Blue Matter™ streamlines the overly complex copyright royalty chain by leveraging custom, scalable technology solutions at every step. Ultimately, Muserk’s clients make more money, in more places, and faster than ever before.

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