CMO Services

Muserk manages more than three million works on behalf of rights societies. We constantly match all works against all usage data and make sure all is claimed, from the high earning repertoire all the way to the end of the longtail.

  • YouTube collection & Rights Management (US, CA, BR)
         · Muserk can manage repertoire and collect non-performance royalties from YouTube
  • US Mechanical Collection
         · Muserk can interface with DSPs to manage & deliver repertoire, manage rights and collect mechanical royalties
  • What about the MLC?
        · Muserk will interface with the MLC on your behalf, ingest and register works, manage conflicts,
         analyze unmatched data, send distributions in the format you prefer and pursue equitable
         allocation of residuals to all our customers
  • Sound Recording Discovery & ISWC/ISRC Linking
        · Muserk's proprietary technology is constantly finding new matches and links between ISWC's and ISRC's
  • Catalog Deliver and Reporting Standards
        · Muserk handles CWR, CRD, DDEX standards as well as tailor made solutions for our clients needs