The Untapped Potential of AI in Music Publishing: A Case for Automation and Human Enhancement at Muserk

As conversations within the music industry increasingly gravitate towards the potential and pitfalls of generative AI in music creation, a crucial narrative often remains overshadowed. While the concerns surrounding generative AI and its implications for originality and copyright are valid, it’s imperative to broaden the discourse to encompass how AI can serve as a force for good, particularly in music publishing administration. At Muserk, we are pioneering this positive integration of AI, demonstrating its capacity to empower rather than displace the human workforce.

Our proprietary system, Blue Matter, stands as a testament to the beneficial role of AI in the industry. Designed to automate every facet of the end-to-end rights management process, Blue Matter addresses the complexities of catalog ingestion, discovery, delivery, royalty accounting, and distribution. This level of automation ensures unparalleled efficiency and accuracy, freeing our Rights Managers to engage in strategic, value-added tasks.

Central to Blue Matter’s efficacy is MMatch, our AI-powered matching tool that significantly enhances entity resolution in catalog discovery on User-Generated Content (UGC) platforms and streamlines Royalty Report reconciliation. With the ongoing development of MMatch version 2, enhanced with newly developed matching algorithms and GPT based match validation, Muserk reaffirms its commitment to leveraging AI for the advancement of music publishing administration.

The introduction of comprehensive automation and adoption of AI through Blue Matter and MMatch allows Muserk to redefine the role of our Rights Managers. By removing the burden of manual, time-consuming tasks, our team can focus their expertise on revenue-driving actions such as validating manual claims and links on UGC platforms or The MLC, analyzing catalog usage and ensuring conflicts are resolved so royalties keep flowing, and many many other unable to automate tasks. This shift not only amplifies their individual impact but also ensures that songwriters and publishers receive the compensation they rightfully deserve in a timely and transparent manner.

In an era where the conversation around AI in music often leans towards its creative implications, our approach illuminates the vast potential of AI to support and enhance the operational backbone of the music industry. Our investment in AI and automation underscores a broader vision where technology elevates human capability, allowing us to devote more resources to nurturing creativity, defending rights, and driving revenue.

As we continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in music, it’s essential to champion discussions that highlight its positive applications. Muserk’s journey with Blue Matter and MMatch exemplifies how AI can be harnessed to bolster the music industry, providing a blueprint for others to follow. By focusing on automation and enhancement, we can ensure that AI not only respects the creative essence of music but also fortifies the industry’s infrastructure, supporting songwriters and publishers in the digital age.