YouTube Accrued Royalties Program 2022

The 2022 claiming window for the YouTube accrued royalties will begin on February 1. This will be for royalties accrued during 2020. Every year YouTube goes through the process of clearing royalties from previous earnings periods and just like 2021, 2022 is unique:

“Even though YouTube delivered its share of the $424 million of unclaimed royalties to the MLC, this only represents a fraction of what is awaiting a claim. Because of the wide variety of content formats available across all of YouTube’s products only a portion of YouTube’s music usage is subject to section 115 compulsory licensing handled by the MLC. Therefore the rest of YouTube’s unmatched royalties are claimed and distributed through the YouTube Accrued Royalties Program.”
The claiming window will end April 31.

Muserk’s A.I. matching technology M-MATCH was first deployed as a tool to handle the challenge both the inherent sparseness of the accrued royalty data and its sheer volume. Over the past year it has become just one feature of our new end-to-end rights management and monetization platform, Blue Matter.

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