• 2023 YouTube Accrued Royalties Program is Underway!
    The 2023 claiming window for YouTube accrued royalties began on February 1, covering royalties accrued during 2021. YouTube undergoes an annual process of clearing royalties from previous earning periods, and this year, 2023, is no exception. The claiming window will close on April 30, giving rights holders a limited time to claim their accrued royalties. … Read more
  • Amen Break
    What do “Straight Outta Compton” and the Futurama theme – along with thousands of songs in between – have in common? They all sampled the drum break from The Winstons’ “Amen, Brother.” Recorded in 1969, “Amen, Brother” was released as a B-side to their single “Color Him Father.” While the “Color Him Father” hit #7 … Read more
  • YouTube Accrued Royalties Program 2022
    The 2022 claiming window for the YouTube accrued royalties will begin on February 1. This will be for royalties accrued during 2020. Every year YouTube goes through the process of clearing royalties from previous earnings periods and just like 2021, 2022 is unique: “Even though YouTube delivered its share of the $424 million of unclaimed … Read more
  • First Friday Playlist: Muserk’s Madeline DeLuca
    Since it is the festive season and we have a big fan of the holidays in our girl Madeline DeLuca — we wanted to share her favorite December tunes… Here is a link to the playlist: “Happy Holidays! There is nothing I love more than the Holiday Season. The past week I have been sitting … Read more
  • First Friday Playlist: Muserk’s Wes Jones
    This month’s First Friday playlist comes from Wes Jones – Senior Software Developer. We talk about DSPs and artist storefronts a lot at Muserk. It’s no secret that probably the most influential medium for art, fashion, culture, and music right now is TikTok. For me, it’s completely changed how I find new music. Years ago, … Read more