Distribution report header descriptions


Header Name Header Description
owner_work_code Work code submitted by you
report_asset_id Asset ID reported by YouTube
iswc International Standard Musical Work Code
work_share_title Title of the work provided by you
interested_parties Writer, publisher, or other copyright holder provided by you
report_isrc International Standard Recording Code reported by the music platform
report_recording_id Music platform internal identifier for the sound recording
report_recording_title sound recording title reported by the music platform
report_artist sound recording artist reported by the music platform
report_source Music user or entity that generated usaged reports (e.g. YouTube, HFA, MLC)
report_platform Name of music user or licensee (eg. Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music)
report_earnings_start_date Start date of the applicable earnings period
report_earnings_end_date End date of the applicable earnings period
report_territory Usage territory reported by music user or licensee as ISO 2 letter country codes
report_usage Number of plays, views, or units sold
report_watchtime Calculated watchtime, in minutes, reported by YouTube
report_service Service offering by music platform or licensee, or YouTube Advertising or Subscription services
earnings_type Earnings category usage type. (e.g. YouTube Advertising, YouTube Subscription, DSP)
distributable_gross_amount Gross amount collected, to be distributed before taxes and administration fees
net_earnings Earnings after administration fees
foreign_withholding_tax_percentage Withholding tax as declared by you on form W-8BEN-E
foreign_withholding_tax_amount Calculated tax amount based on rate in foreign_withholding_tax_percentage and net_earnings
payable_amount Payable amount after taxes and fees
report_currency Reported currency by music user or licensee