First Friday Playlist: Muserk’s John Wood


This month’s “First Friday” Spotify playlist comes from John Wood:

Hi, I’m John Wood and I do software development for Muserk. My playlist was inspired by Women’s History Month. Here is my playlist of my favorite songs written and produced by female artists.

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Muserk is an AI tech-driven global rights management agency for music, television, film and video that helps rights holders from around the world protect and monetize their content on a global scale. They focus on key markets such as North America and Europe, as well as new and emerging markets like Asia, South America and Africa. MMatch®, the company’s proprietary machine learning technology, is able to shift through millions of lines of usage data in minutes, thus finding disconnected royalties as well as search for lost money left behind in the shadows on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music. Their average match rate is up to 25% above the industry norm.

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