First Friday Playlist: Muserk’s Madeline DeLuca

Since it is the festive season and we have a big fan of the holidays in our girl Madeline DeLuca — we wanted to share her favorite December tunes…

Here is a link to the playlist:

“Happy Holidays! There is nothing I love more than the Holiday Season. The past week I have been sitting by our Christmas Tree and listening to my favorite Christmas songs, preparing for the most wonderful season of the year! I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday, and enjoys time with friends and family, and hopefully gets some well deserved rest after another eventful year. Merry Christmas!”

But also in light of all that is going on with our spoken word artists — we also thought we’d share everyone at Muserk’s favorite comedic sketches — everyone at the company contributed to this list — so for some lighter fare and in celebration of some true geniuses — ENJOY!

First Friday Playlist: Muserk’s Wes Jones

This month’s First Friday playlist comes from Wes Jones – Senior Software Developer.

We talk about DSPs and artist storefronts a lot at Muserk. It’s no secret that probably the most influential medium for art, fashion, culture, and music right now is TikTok. For me, it’s completely changed how I find new music.

Years ago, before I left for college, I played in a metal band so I spent a lot time playing with other artists, traveling, meeting new people, and that was most often how I heard about new music. Maybe it was a recommendation from someone I met, an opener, a member of this band played in that band. A few years ago you could kind of curate avenues for new music to be force-fed to you based on what you were interested in. Pandora was a huge help and then we finally got Spotify in the US, but this was still a pretty active approach to finding new music. Remember “NOW That’s What I Call Music”? I kind of ripped off that idea and I would spend a ton of time every year finding new music and adding it a playlist called like NOW 30XX which would be all the music I found for that year. I still do this today, and I’m on NOW 3021 (I make it the current year, but 1000 years into the future).

Now with TikTok I’m able to take a more passive approach to finding new music as it’s kind of fed to me as I’m consuming other content. Here is a playlist of various songs and artists I that I was first introduced to through TikTok.




First Friday Playlist: Muserk’s Colin Moriarty

This month’s “First Friday” Spotify playlist comes from Colin Moriarty – Rights Administrator:

Hi – my name is Colin Moriarty and I am a rights administrator at Muserk. I have been with the company for three years and am mostly responsible for the ingestion and quality assurance process as it relates to the data we receive from clients. In my free time I also write and release my own music under the artist name ‘ceemor’.
As much as I love instrumental tracks that give me space to think, sometimes I find myself overthinking. These songs are my antidote to that. I created this playlist because these songs give me energy, lift me out of bad moods, and bring me back to specific happy periods of my life. The playlist as a whole leans towards indie/hip-hop/and modern R&B.

First Friday Playlist: Muserk’s Hans Peter Roth

This month’s “First Friday” Spotify playlist comes from Hans Peter Roth, Partner – Head of Global Business Development:

As the sole Dane at Muserk, the theme choice for my First Friday Playlist was pretty obvious; a list of the danish songs that have been part of the soundtrack to my life.

That playlist would of course be more or less infinite. So I’ve tried to spread the songs out over each decade of my life while selecting the pop and rock tracks that immediately came to mind.

Looking at the list, I am not sure those were in fact the tracks I listened to back then. Some are. But others just stuck in the back of my mind and have grown on me and others have come back to me at a later time for different reasons.

1. Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt – Jeg Ved Det Godt – 1979

The duo originally only released three albums – all hugely successful. However, the two ended up focusing on writing and producing for other Danish artists, which resulted in a multitude of hits over the following decades.

“Jeg Ved Det Godt” is their biggest hit – a Danish evergreen if you will. A song about a man’s insecurity, jealousy and temper and how “I know it all, but it’s too late now!”

2. Sneakers – Se Selv – 1982

One of the biggest 80’s Danish bands with the very characteristic voice of Sanne Salomonsen on the foreground. However, the reason the song made the list is that the percussionist, Jacob Andersen, died recently. Jacob became an institution in Danish music, both as a studio and live band member, working with a multitude (all relevant!) Danish artist over four decades. Indeed, all those collaborations mean that according to the neighbouring rights society, GRAMEX, Jacob Andersen is the most played danish artist – ever!!

3. Kasper Winding – Sjæl i Flammer – 1987

The theme song from “Een Gang Strømer” – the show that kept the streets empty in Denmark in the late 80’ – features Kasper Winding and Lars Muhl on vocals. Kasper is one of the most innovative and productive Danish songwriters and has more than 3,000 copyrights to his name with danish PRO, KODA.

4. One Two – Den Bedste Tid – 1989

Huuuuuge hit – damn, I’ve danced to this song many a summer night.

However, I’ve included it mainly for the title “The Best Time” as a kudos to Muserk and the team – I’m having the time of my (work) life!

5. Sandmen – 5 Minutes Past Loneliness – 1992

I remember seeing Sandmen at my local High School when they were coming up in the 80’s – they broke through big time and were a huge part of the Danish rock scene in the 90’s.

6. Sort Sol – Let Your Fingers Do The Walking – 1993

One of the most innovative Danish bands with their roots in punk and later art-rock/post-punk. The feeling in this track still gets me every time

7 Dizzy Mizz Lizzy – Silverflame – 1994

The band helped respawn the Danish rock scene by winning “DK Camps in Rock” in 1993. The band was long looking for a fourth member to sing and play guitar, but in the end, shy composer and guitarist, Tim Christensen, took on the job. And good for them and us!

8. Kashmir – The Story of Jamie Fame Flame – 1994

Kashmir came in second in “DK Champs in Rock” after Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. So they lost out on the free studio time. This is, in my view, clearly audible on their first album, Travelogue, where production is not top shelf. This in turn means that the success of the album is very much attributable to the skill of the musicians.

9. Caroline Henderson – Kiss Me Kiss Me – 1995

Having first sung in Ray Dee Ohh, competing with OneTwo (above) over airtime, Caroline went solo and released Cinemtaztic combining pop, triphop and jazz and is produced by Kasper Winding (above)!

10. Alphabeat – Fascination – 2008

Alphabeat was huge in the 2000’s, but they have made it on to this list, because they reformed in 2019 with their first concert taking place that year at the Scandinacian pavilion at SXSW. In attendance was – in addition to HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark – much of the Muserk team. Great gig!

11. Saveus – Himalaya – 2017

After winning the first X-factor in Denmark in 2008, Martin Hedegaard disappeared, only to return out of nowhere in 2015 under the name “Saveus”. The band went on to opening the famous Orange Scene at Roskilde Festival in 2018, which became an instant koncert classic. Look for it on YouTube!

Honorable mentions:

Finally, I added some pop songs from Danish artists that you may have heard before,without knowing they were Danish!

Junior Senior – Move Your Feet – 2002
Lukas Graham – 7 Years – 2015
MØ – Final Song – 2016

Thanks for reading and listening!


First Friday Playlist: Muserk’s Kelly Swartz

This month’s “First Friday” Spotify playlist comes from Kelly Swartz:

Hi, I’m Kelly Swartz and I am the Chief Financial Officer for Muserk. I decided to come up with a playlist to celebrate Mothers, Moms and Mommas since Mother’s Day is Sunday May 9th (everyone be sure that is in your calendars!) I have three great kids ages 22, 19 and 15 and yes… I have a lot of stress in my life! Just kidding (sorta). I also have a wonderful Mom that I adore. The songs on my list are a mixture of genres but the theme is based on songs written about Moms or for Moms (or should be about Moms, hence Aretha’s RESPECT). l also threw in a Prince song because I just really like Prince!

First Friday Playlist: Muserk’s Justin Ahmanson

This month’s “First Friday” Spotify playlist comes from Justin Ahmanson:

Hi I’m Justin Ahmanson, and I’m a software developer here at Muserk. I’m also an active guitarist/singer-songwriter (or at least I was before the pandemic). With the anticipation of live music coming back soon, my playlist is testament to some of my favorite live performances by bands and artists that have influenced me over the years. Looking forward to seeing live music again!

First Friday Playlist: Muserk’s Colin Moriarty

As a company, Muserk wants to showcase the people that make us who we are.   The reason we all work so hard here at Muserk every day is, of course, because of the music and the artists that make it. Thus, every first Friday of the month, we’ll be spotlighting an employee and the music they love via a “First Fridays” Spotify playlist. First up is Colin Moriarty – Rights Administrator: 

Hi, my name is Colin Moriarty. I joined Muserk shortly after moving to Nashville in 2018 and continue to work as a rights administrator. In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar and making music. During quarantine I started to experiment producing lo-fi hip hop songs under the artist name ceemor. I’ve included my most recent single ‘face value’ in the playlist along with some of my other favorites from the genre. I’m happy to share a handful of songs that help me focus at work and relax in my free time. Normally I listen to hip-hop/R&B, but lately I’ve been enjoying instrumental tracks like this because they leave more room to think.