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Cattle Not Pets


When I first heard the term “cattle not pets” it was the perfect metaphor to describe a concept I had always been aware of when developing for the cloud, but never had the words to describe. The idea that you should remove individuality from your cloud infrastructure and treat your resources as nameless and dynamic like cattle. Resources come and go all the time so there is no time to...

Product Innovation In Music


When we think of product innovation in the music industry, much of the focus centers on new ways to create music and new ways for fans to consume it.  As far back as piano rolls, the idea of having a machine play your favorite music in your own home was amazing, this iterated into piano rolls and player modules that better captured and reproduced the nuances of a better performance (eg...

YouTube Accrued Royalties Program 2021


The 2021 claiming window for the YouTube Accrued Royalties Program is well underway. At the beginning of this year – and every year since 2017 – Muserk began the process of claiming sound recordings on YouTube that have generated royalties but are being held for unknown copyright holders. These royalties are now awaiting a link from a rightful owner. Even though YouTube delivered its...

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